MRTV-4 7th Anniversary Event


MRTV-4 has become a 24-hour-free-to-air TV channel since September 2010 and is currently the most popular TV channel in Myanmar and it is completely 7 years old at present.

As MRTV-4 channel was completely 7 years old, the splendid 7th anniversary exhibition was held in Tatmadaw Hall from July 29, 2011 to August 1, 2011 as a token of gratitude to the dear audience who had been watching MRTV-4 for 7 years. In that exhibition, anyone could come and see the exhibition without charge. And the most popular TV programs booths such as The Matter for Debate, Style and Star, Let’s Go and Eat, Kid’s Show, Quiz Idol, and Champion of Dance were shown and broadcasted live on MRTV-4. In MRTV-4 and its related channels booths, the audience themselves can participate in 4 Digital channel programs such as For Edu, For Choice, For Info, For Sports, and For Comedy.

In that exhibition, the actors, the directors, the singers, the models, the comedians, the beauticians, the writers, the poets, the cartoonists, the artists, the entrepreneurs, the athletes, and the presenters from MRTV-4 were taking photos with the audiences, and giving an autograph for the audiences. And a stage was also provided, where the fashion show, model show and the stage show were presented.

Moreover, an announcement meeting concerning with Myanmar Media Development Center was held , which is opening soon. As the opening ceremony, the events from the booths and the entertainments were broadcasted live on MRTV-4 channel, people who even couldn’t come to that exhibition for some reasons can watch on TV at home as if they were in that exhibition. At first the exhibition was planned to hold for 3 days. The audiences who came to the exhibition were too many, so the exhibition had to extend till August 1. The 7th anniversary exhibition was completed in a magnificent spectacle.