Forever Group is the leading total media entertainment group in Myanmar. Founded in 1996 as the first graphic training center in Myanmar, Forever Group also introduced the e-education learning system jointly with the Ministry of Information in 2001 and Myanmar’s first e-book business in May 2003. In 2004, the free to air TV channel MRTV-4 was launched as a joint-venture of Forever Group with Ministry of Information and Myanmar Radio and Television.

In 2005,Forever Group with its partners, launched the very first pay TV service in Myanmar airing new TV channels such as 5 Movies and 5 Series. Following this MRTV-4 international was launched in 2006 to include International channels such as Start World, Star Movies, etc. In 2008 and 2009, Mandalay FM and Pyainsawadi FM were launched as FM Radio channels and in 2010, the “4 Digital channels” was added to its media offering and MRTV-4 International was rebranded as 4TV.

In 2011, the first HD channels in Myanmar were introduced by Forever Group and currently there are 8 HD channels on 4TV. In 2012, a new free to air channel Channel 7, was launched targeting younger audiences and within its first year has become very popular with its target audience. And in 2013, two new digital free to air channels, the Readers’ Channel and the Mahabodi Channel, were launched as niche channels focusing on literature and religion.

To support its core business Forever Group also has a group of subsidiary companies providing media services. These include Forever Blossom, Media Kabar, Myanmar Media Development Cente (MMDC), White Lotus, System Integration, Myanmar Online (MOL), Myanmar Creative Index Village (MICV) and Forever BEC-Tero.