Myanmar, Korea channels sign MOU on educational TV programs

Forever Group Co.,Ltd from Myanmar and Korea Education Broadcasting System (EBS) has signed a memorandum of understanding concerning bilateral cooperation on broadcasting education programs in MRTV-4′s affiliated channels in November 21 th at Park Royal Hotel, Yangon. Education Broadcasting System (EBS) has been broadcasting Korean educational programs since 1974. EBS has been broadcasting altogether 7 TV channels by using Electronic Learning system.


MRTV -4 will be using the system and collaborated with EBS for broadcasting, shooting and producing educational programs. This kind of collaboration is mainly intended for Human Resource Development. By producing such kind of educational programs can fill the precious education industry of Myanmar.


Currently MRTV, MRTV-4, Myawaddy and Sky Net have over 100 of their affiliated channels and are broadcasting in local media role.
Moreover, in 2012 there will be whole new channels are to launch and this MOU will help boosting this process.