Official live broadcaster of Myanmar National League

In 2011 December, MRTV-4 agreed a 500 million package deal to be the official live broadcaster of 2012 Myanmar National League. MRTV-4 will broadcast live the football matches as the official boradcaster of Myanmar National League for 3 years starting in 2012. When broadcasting live, MRTV-4 will record the football matches using about 10 HD Cameras and apply international standard to reach Premier League Level. We will broadcast live at least 80 matches for 2012 Myanmar National League . Moreover, not only MRTV-4 but also For Sports channel has planned to broadcast live and with a short delay. At first, it has planned to broadcast live the football matches which are held in Yangon. Later it has also planned to broadcast football matches which are helin in Mandalay, Taunggyi and Moneywa, MRTV-4 has planned to broadcast about 100 live events in 2012. The live broadcast of events will be done according to international standard and MRTV-4 is aiming at broadcasting live to sport events in the upcoming Sea Games.